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C.H.E.K. Training

What is a CHEK Practitioner? What does C.H.E.K. stand for?

Lots of people ask the question “What is a CHEK Practitioner?”… While there are numerous certifications out there today for a variety of things—few can guarantee competence…To be awarded the CHEK Institute seal of approval, Shara had to prove that she has hands on skill that separates her from the rest…simply put…CHEK Practitioners are specialists in Corrective Exercise and High-Performance Kinesiology.

EuKinetics is heavily involved in the C.H.E.K certification system, which was developed by Paul Chek MSS, HHP, NMT and is founded upon fourteen years of Mr. Chek’s clinical experience in the fields of orthopedic rehabilitation and strength coaching. This program is designed to produce the finest and most highly trained exercise therapists and strength conditioning specialists in the world. Unlike any other certification program for exercise professionals, the C.H.E.K Certification Program is completed in three one-week blocks and one nine day block of intensive internships, taught in a focused small group setting.

Shara chose the CHEK Institute because they provide cutting edge, clinically and scientifically based educational programs, products and services plus the pursuit of better living through optimal health. Shara took advantage of the advanced training, correspondent courses, seminars and being trained by Paul Chek in his methods and practices. The CHEK Institute is known worldwide for excellence in education and innovation in the fields of corrective, high-performance conditioning, lifestyle and stress management.

Being a CHEK Institute trained professional Shara is recognized as an expert in her field, performing detailed assessments and client evaluations as a prerequisite to designing a corrective or performance enhancing exercise program, recommending lifestyle changes or implementing stress reduction techniques.

Graduates of the C.H.E.K Certification Program have proven proficiency through practical and written examination, which demonstrates:

Paul Chek is well known for saying “knowledge is not power, applied knowledge is power”.

CHEK Practitioners are trained in assessment techniques and individualized application of exercise and exercise programs. The higher the level completed, the more practical knowledge and experience they will have, particularly in complex orthopedic conditions. CHEK Practitioners may be found in rehabilitation settings, working with professional athletes/teams or with the general public. Shara has completed 2 levels of the CHEK practitioner program as well as the Golf Biomechanic Specialist Program..