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What is ELDOA?

ELDOA, founded by French Osteopath Guy Voyer, is an exercise method designed to ignite self-healing processes within the body. ELDOA are postural exercises focused on creating space in a specific joint, enhancing joint function, reducing pain, and promoting overall well-being.


ELDOA comprises postural exercises focused on "creating space" in a specific joint. This process enhances joint mechanics, bolsters blood circulation, alleviates disc pressure, reduces pain, rehydrates spinal discs, enhances muscle tone, refines posture, and cultivates a heightened sense of well-being and body awareness. These exercises are tailored for various areas including the spine, shoulders, hips, ribs, and skull.

Addressing Daily Stressors:

In our fast-paced world, everyday stressors can take a toll on our bodies. Prolonged sitting, constant cellphone use, intense workouts, poor dietary choices, and dehydration can all negatively impact our spine and joints. These stressors manifest as fascial tension, imbalances, wear and tear, inflammation, and ultimately, pain. Over time, these patterns can lead to dysfunction and injuries such as disc degeneration, disc bulges, sciatica, chronic pain, and more.

One-Minute Game Changers:

ELDOA postures are concise, one-minute exercises designed for home practice. They work to enhance joint and spine function, resulting in an overall improvement in health and well-being.


  • • Injury recovery
  • • Injury prevention
  • • Alleviating joint inflammation
  • • Improving blood flow
  • • Enhancing posture
  • • Addressing bulging discs
  • • Managing stress
  • • Aiding in sports recovery
  • • Promoting flexibility
  • • Addressing scoliosis
  • • Relieving back pain
  • • Easing neck tension
  • • Alleviating shoulder discomfort
  • • And more