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What Clients are saying

Back Injury in Pilates Class

I injured my back during a Pilates class, and it was so severe that I couldn't walk for an hour afterward. The next day, I reached out to Shara. As an athlete and outdoor enthusiast, my well-being relies on staying active. Shara, being an athlete herself, understands the importance of movement, body connection, and nature's healing power. Shara assessed my injury after her regular work hours, and she was extremely cautious, explaining each step to ensure my comfort. Her meticulous work during our one-hour session re-established the connection to my lower back, expediting the healing process. Three days later, I'm back on the trails with my bike, feeling more connected to my body than ever before. I plan to return to Shara for a follow-up session to strengthen my injury-prone area. Thank you, Shara! If you're considering a session with her, I highly recommend it. She's truly the best at what she does. - Lorin De Spirito

ACL injury

I have been seeing Shara for a few years now and I'm so happy I found her. She has helped me with various issues with my SI joint and more recently my recovery from a torn mcl and acl injury. I have learned so much from her and the knowledge she brings to each session is limitless. I have also loved learning the ELDOA method which was new for me and I'm very grateful to have that in my life. 100% recommend Shara. - Jill H

Chronic pain

I have suffered from chronic pain in my lower back that could make working and even sleeping difficult. Through regular Muscle Activation Therapy with Shara I have been able to work, ride my horse and even get a good nights sleep. Shara also recommends exercises exercises to maintain good posture and strength in my back. I would highly recommend MAT with Shara. - Lisa W

Shoulder injuries

Shara is a miracle worker. I have suffered from several shoulder injuries with extreme inflammation and limited range of motion. Through my work with Shara we were able to get me back to full range of motion and back on my yoga mat doing all the things I love. Shara is knowledgeable and gives each person the tools to utilize if any flare ups occur. I can not recommend Shara enough. - Nichole H

Great Interaction

Great results and great interaction during the treatment session. - Skylar Brower

Addresses Conditions in a Unique and Effective Manner

Shara has an amazing knowledge of all the issues involved in my condition, and knows just how to address them in a unique and effective manner. - Brian Burson